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Macresia Alibaruho

I am a Certified Diversity Equity and Inclusion professional whose passion for education around DEI is grounded in education, but motivated by my experience growing up in the deep south.  It is my desire to use historical and experience based  education to share the challenges of DEI for the purpose of creating equity for all humanity.  I am a compassionate connector that respects and seeks to connect with all humanity.  As an African American professional I have served as US Civil Servant for over 24 years.  I am a leadership and strategy coach who maximizes the opportunity to bring chaos to order, truth to power and justice to inequality.   Having led numerous teams and projects I have developed an art for gaining the trust of colleagues and operating in a level of integrity that informs positive outcomes.   A champion for trust and open engagement in the workplace, I have been successful in leading organizations to a place of unity and success.  

A rocket Scientist at heart, one of the first to certify as a data systems officer in the Mission Control Center Houston for the International Space Station.  This extraordinary opportunity proved to be invaluable as it helped me develop the leadership skills that would be instrumental throughout my career.  Since then,  I have held numerous roles within the agency.    My passion for technical excellence, professional development, and eagerness to chart new territory sent me on the journey of DEI.  

  Balancing career and home life is a key enabler, which allows Macresia to operate from day to day.  A wife to husband Kwatsi Alibaruho, former NASA Flight Director and Vice present of Eaton Aerospace's Program Enterprise office, and a mother of two wonderful children.  Family and faith both play a significant role in her life.  Macresia is also the co-owner with her husband of Net-Woke LLC, a business entity that is committed to advancing the economic state of the black community.  Macresia earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Alabama A&M University, and completed the Diversity Equity and Inclusion program at  Cornell University.

Let me help you create a Diversity Strategy that will help your team work in harmony!

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